Communicating Successful Drapery Design

October 27, 2021 0 Comments

The well known abbreviation GIGO is from the PC world and represents: Garbage In – Garbage Out. GIGO has never been more proper then in my universe of custom curtain plan and manufacture. I’m alluding to getting almost no guidelines as a work request, buy request or particular and being relied upon to create what is in the brain of the planner/originator (A/D) and thus conveyed to the customer.

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I have possessed and run a curtain and upholstery workroom for the beyond 20 years. What I have seen again and again is helpless plan arranging, where the A/D hustles through the subtleties of the curtain project leaving potential pain points unaddressed. The compositional and inside plan firms that I work for are luckily protected from this destruction in light of my immediate association; others I construe are not and the outcomes are expensive slip-ups.

In this article (and in my course I offer as an AIA Provider) I will address what I consider to be the essential ways Of imparting Successful Drapery Design. I have separated them into a two stage cycle of Design and Documentation, with a definitive objective of having a superior handle on the most proficient method to convey adequately custom drapery what the customer’s assumptions are and afterward coordinating them with what is eventually manufactured and introduced. This is finished by permitting the A/D to have the option to distinguish the basic regions with cautious arranging to stay away from shocks and to feel good in determining equipment, components, underlying pockets and textures. For the A/D the two spaces of Design and Documentation all should be tended to in the arranging stage.


In the book by Erik Larson: The Devil in the White City, there is a statement by the well known modeler Daniel Burnham where he offers a more powerful point then the first regularly cited proclamation of “Structure Follows Function”. To stress his contention on the plan of the 1892 Chicago World’s Fair he requested that “Capacity Dictates Form”.

This is so evident with regards to business curtain and window covers. Where as in private medicines, ordinarily work is neglected in return for structure or plan. In business applications the treatment should work effectively again and again contingent on its undertakings. Indeed, even before structure or style is thought of, work not really set in stone. The A/D will distinguish in conference with the customer the capacity prerequisites of the window covers by tending to such requirements as: light control, security issues, stack-backs, instruments, mounting and afterward at long last style determinations.


After the plan choices are finished they should be recorded in the determinations so everything gatherings can get them. These gatherings are: The A/D, the Client, the General Contractor and the Drapery Consultant. This involves giving the data important to create the completed item as clear determinations and nitty gritty drawings. Included would be the kind of development of the treatment, the equipment and control components, the underlying pockets and stack-backs, the ideal completion, the covering choices, establishment guidelines and care and upkeep data. I will currently carefully describe the situation on every one of these things.