Purpose and Beauty in the Arts and Theater

September 20, 2021 0 Comments

For a hundred thousands years of human history and possibly longer our ancestors have told each other who they are, who they where, and what humanity is through performance and the arts. Whether through simple story telling, poetry, music, or theater such performances have been a means of communicating culture. What’s more these performances have helped us come to understand more about humanity then any other field, and our hopes and fears our played out is a master performance. As people pause and search for meaning in the beautiful verses of a poem they come to find themselves and the larger world around them.

The importance of theater and the arts, of culture and beauty is beyond the rote purposes we attempt to assign to them. Yes the arts programs do help students and society think better in many ways. The true importance of theater and the arts however is in beauty, it is in love and joy and the discovery of humanity. In many ways it could and should perhaps be argued that all other things are to support the simple idea of making our lives more beautiful, not just livable, but actually beautiful worth while in some way. Happiness is in many ways the purpose, and rote ideas and thoughts are to support this not the other way around.

Art and the theater are forms of communication; they are ways to focus the human mind and human understanding. It is they which often help to determine our course as a society and the courses of cultures. They are also the way to pass on How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini? the understanding our societies and cultures have obtained to each other and to other cultures. What’s more the arts are a way to receive information from these cultures. For people will learn very little social wisdom through memorizing the ideas of culture and society. One must come to feel, to gain an emotional understanding to truly learn the importance of society and cultures.

Theater and the arts help us to feel empathy for others, help us to understand the importance of other people. It can be through the arts that we come to truly understand that we are part of a larger group. By making we see the world through other people’s eyes the performing arts and other fine arts help us to expand our horizons. This new found creativity helps us come to gain new insights into the world around us. Creativity after all is one of the most important pieces in the intelligence, and scientists as great as Einstein have drawn some of their inspiration form the arts.

Ty Hulse has degree’s in art, psychology, and business, and has many years of experience in helping arts groups and other creative entities. Currently he is creating a site in order to help with marketing and promotions in the performing arts [http://www.yourtheaters.com] and to help in marketing theaters.